Your crop is at the palm of your hand through your smartphone, tablet or laptop!


An easy-to-use interface for meaningful statistics and clear view of the crop conditions!

Low Cost

Low cost and reliability through the use of industrial grade equipment!


Exploit the SynField services to manage your crop anytime from anyplace!

SynField handles everything for you!

With many years of experience in automation and information technology, building on partnerships with agricultural universities and research centers, Synelixis presents SynField.





Flexible vendor independent solution for smart agriculture applications!





...the complete precision agriculture solution!


Since 2013!

SynField is firstly conceptualised in 2013 and takes its early steps of development.


In Spring 2014 the first installation takes place in Nemea, Greece.


Early 2015 Synfield takes off beyond Greek borders.


New SynField hardware design comes into play.


The new version of SynField web platform is presented and made available to the SynField users.

Everyday at Synelixis, we endeavor to innovate, exploring and implementing the industry's most advanced technologies translating them into value for our customers.

Our Blog

Potato downy mildew is a fungus that primarily infects potato both in the spring and autumn, and if not treated, it can destroy large-scale production. The first signs of potato blight infection are yellow spots of irregular shape on the potato leaves.
The orange tree requires mixed sandy and clay soil rich in Calcium in order to thrive and mild conditions in order to produce more fruits.
The almond tree grows in almost all the warm and dry areas of the Mediterranean Sea, while its nuts carry nutrients of highly importance for the human diet;
A new SynField installation on vineyards in Nemea (Greece) was successfully completed by Synelixis’ business...
Based on SynField technology, CooltivaTech, a Synelixis partner company,
SynField is presented in the running issue (June 2018) of the Greek magazine ΑΓΡΟΤΗΣ.NEWS. 
Synelixis Solutions has released a first video tour of our SynField web platform.
Visiona S.L.(  successfully completed the 1st phase of a new SynField installation in Villafranca de...
The SynField Smart Water Management system has been installed in an 8 hectares field with...
SynField has been installed in Novi Sad, adding Serbia in the countries where SynField has...
The system to make your crop smart