Your crop is at the palm of your hand through your smartphone, tablet or laptop!


An easy-to-use interface for meaningful statistics and clear view of the crop conditions!

Low Cost

Low cost and reliability through the use of industrial grade equipment!


Exploit the SynField services to manage your crop anytime from anyplace!

SynField automates your crop!

With many years of experience in automation and information technology, building on partnerships with agricultural universities and research centers, Synelixis presents SynField.





Flexible vendor independent solution for smart agriculture applications!





...the complete precision agriculture solution!


Since 2013!

SynField is conceptualised in 2013 and takes its early steps of development.


In Spring 2014 the first installation takes place in Nemea, Greece.


Early 2015 Synfield takes off beyond Greek borders.


New SynField hardware design comes into play.

Business Collaboration with HPE on Precision Agriculture and Smart Irrigation via the HPE Partner Ready Program


The new version of SynField web platform is presented and made available to the SynField users.


SynField X3 device is released in the market supporting up to 32 sensors and actuators.


SynField app is now available for Android devices.


Full automation of remote precision irrigation

Everyday at Synelixis, we endeavor to innovate, exploring and implementing the industry's most advanced technologies translating them into value for our customers.

Our News

The integrated Synfield intelligent farming system is evolving and offering to the global market the new state-of-the-art Ultrasonic sensor.
Synelixis will participate for the third time in the International Fair for Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Supplies, Agrotica to be held in Thessaloniki 27 - 30 January 2022.
New installation of the SynField smart agriculture solution in the wider area of Peloponnese.
The installation of a new SynField system in an olive grove at Pigaidakia in the prefecture of Heraklion has been completed.
A new SynField system was installed at a kiwi fruit cultivation of 120 hectares in the area Astakos of ​​Etoloakarnania, Greece in order to monitor soil and environmental conditions.
A new flagship SynField installation that remotely controls an 80 cubic meter/hour drilling well and monitors/controls a smart irrigation network of 14 Hydraulic Control Valves at Katouna, a location near Amfilochia, Εtoloakarnania (Greece).
New SynField installation, remotely monitoring and controlling a drilling submersible pump and the precision irrigation system at an olive grove of 60 acres in Elea, Laconia.
A SynField system has been installed in an experimental greenhouse in the “Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari” in Bari, Italy.
Within the framework of the European Research Program IOF2020, Synelixis has contributed in the improvement of the irrigation of the olive groves of the Nileas farmers group in Chora of Messinia through the SynField system, resulting in am upgraded olive crop.
A SynField system has been installed in a 4 hectares biological crop of Haywald kiwi in the area of Pipineri, in Kalyvia of Agrinio, Greece.
The system to make your crop smart