Discover SynWater

SynWater is Synelixis’  innovative solution, coming as an extension to Synfield, which can detect and measure water quality characteristics. This professional water quality monitoring system can support sensors measuring:

  • Water temperature
  • PH
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Supplementary water-related sensors such as water pressure, water level and water flow, can also be installed to the respective synField device that the SynWater is connected to.


How it works

The SynWater device:

  • Extends the capabilities of the SynField system by adding water quality measurements.
  • Supports up to 5 water quality sensors.
  • Has low power dissipation and can be used in solar/battery powered applications.
  • Is specially designed to connect to the SynField nodes (X3 and X5). See the SynField nodes here.

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SynWater and the SynField platform

  • Measurements of water quality characteristics are sent from the SynWater device to the SynField platform.
  • The data are available, wherever you are though your desktop or your mobile device!
  • You can set alerts!  Through the SynField platform, you can set alerts so that you are automatically notified in case any of the criteria you set are met.

SynWater can be used in aquaculture, fish farming, water management, environmental and industrial monitoring

Aquaculture – Fish farming

Measuring water quality in aquaculture is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive aquatic environment. Optimal water quality conditions promote better growth rates and higher productivity of the aquaculture species. Monitoring parameters like dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, ensure that the conditions are favorable for the growth and development of the organisms, leading to increased yields and profitability.

Environmental - Industrial applications

Measuring water quality characteristics in certain industrial applications is a proactive approach to environmental responsibility, sustainable operations, and the long-term success of businesses. It helps industries maintain their environmental obligations and meet specific water quality standards set by regulatory bodies, while also enhancing operational efficiency and product quality.

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