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SynRelay relay board can be used in applications that require
operating with non-latching actuators (i.e. high power relays, non-latching solenoid valves, etc.).

In these cases, the SynRelay board could be utilized as first level bi-stable relays that further drive the non-latching actuators.

How does it work

The SynRelay incorporates screw-less, push-in terminal blocks for fast and reliable cable interconnection.

The board can be housed either inside a SynField device (X3 or X5 version) or inside another enclosure by itself.

SynRelay's Features

The SynRelay board incorporates eight latching relays that could be used to drive loads directly (i.e. motors, solenoids, etc). If the load to be driven exceeds relay power capacity (16A, 250VAC), then a second level relay could be utilized.


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