With SynField the pioneering Nileas olive oil producers group are able to implement smart and automated management of the olive crop’s irrigation network, while producers can see real-time climatic conditions and a plethora of agricultural indicators. The results of the action have been covered by SKAI in a relevant report.

The SynField installation allows producers to monitor the climate and soil conditions in the area - temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall volume, pressure in the irrigation network, etc. The information is collected through weather stations and sensors installed in the crop and transmitted through the nodes to the SynField platform.

SynField then based on that data and the irrigation rules set by the producers themselves, automatically activates (or deactivates) the olive tree irrigation network as soon as it detects that the soil moisture level is lower (or higher) than the desired one.

Producers can monitor at any time when the olives were irrigated, when the solenoid valves were opened and closed, what was the pressure on the irrigation network, how the soil moisture changed, and other interesting information, while also being able to receive corresponding alerts.