We are pleased to announce that Synelixis now offers you the opportunity to view the climatic conditions of your crop, as these are being measured by your SynField node, in your wordpress webpage.

Our new plugin displays the following information for the field where you have placed the node:

  • current, minimum and maximum daily temperature,
  • current, minimum and maximum daily relative humidity,
  • daily, monthly and annual rainfall,
  • current wind direction, as well as
  • current, minimum and maximum daily wind intensity



The SynField Smart Agriculture plugin allows for viewing of measurements from different SynField nodes by simply adding a widget for each one.

You may search and install it in your wordpress webpage by typing SynField Smart Agriculture in the menu of the administrator interface of your webpage (Plugins > Add new). You may also find and download it at https://wordpress.org/plugins/synfield-smart-agriculture/.

As soon as you install the plugin please contact us at support@synfield.gr so that we may provide you with a unique activation code. This code is personal and you should not share it with others.