New installation of the SynField smart agriculture solution in the wider area of Peloponnese.

The new installation will take place in the area of Ermioni (prefecture of Argolida) and will cover an irrigated olive grove of 247 acres. The installation will monitor, in real-time, the microclimate of the area, the conditions prevailing in the soil, as well as the weather forecast. The goal is to achieve efficient irrigation per irrigation zone, mitigate water and fertilizer use, as well as timely prediction of the possibility of contamination of the olive grove from diseases, in order to carry out targeted spraying, where and when needed.

The specific installation will consist of 2 SynField X1 nodes, 2 SynField X3 nodes, 2 meteorological stations, and sensors for real-time measurement of micro-climatic parameters (air temperature and humidity, wind intensity and direction, rain height, solar radiation), as well as soil parameters (humidity, temperature and soil conductivity). The agronomists of the olive grove will be able to observe the above measurements as well as complex metrics such as the growing days and evapotranspiration through the SynField platform.

SynField smart farming systems are always next to the farmer and to every company that want to maximize the yield of their crop, offering complete, quality, economical solutions that have been tested in the field.