Five interesting discussions were organized by the editorial team of the ‘’Agrenda’’ newspaper at the heart of the 30th Agrotica. Among them, the section “Agricultural Technology in the Digital Age and Financing Programs,” in which the Chief Technical Officer of Synelixis, Dr. Theodore Zahariadis, participated. In his speech, he addressed the challenges facing by the agricultural sector such as the poor management of natural resources and energy, as well as those related to the cost and financing of raw materials, fertilizers, human resources, and product transportation. He also highlighted the significant contribution of technology and the SynField precision agriculture solution, developed by Synelixis, in addressing issues of sustainable farming and resource conservation. SynField is one of the most advanced and comprehensive smart agriculture systems, providing automation solutions for the field with advanced features such as automatic irrigation, precision irrigation, remote control, and remote monitoring of all critical cultivation parameters.

Synelixis sponsored the event, continuing to support initiatives and actions that contribute to the exchange of ideas and promotion of innovation in the agricultural sector. The workshop took place on Saturday 3rd of February 2024, and was broadcast live. You can watch Dr. Zahariadis’ speech in the following video at 2:18 and 2:42.