Synelixis is pleased to announce that the SynField application for android devices (smartphones and tablets) is now available in the Google Play store!

The SynField application offers:

  • remote control of your actuators, such as valves and relays,
  • monitoring of the conditions in your crop in real time,
  • display of smart metrics (e.g. growing degree days - GDD, evapotranspiration - ET) related to your crop,
  • display of the risk of disease infection in your crop,
  • visualisation of condition changes, smart metrics and risk of disease infection for the last 3 days through plots


To use our new application, you need to:

  • Create an account on our platform 
  • Contact us so that we provide you with SynField equipment
  • Submit all necessary information (field, crop, SynField device, rules, agricultural metrics, diseases) through our platform

You can then view the current conditions, agricultural metrics, the disease infection stages in your crop and remotely control any actuator, through this application.










You may download our new app here.