The SynField smart agriculture devices and sensors are ready to be shipped. The precision agriculture systems will be installed in 6 African countries. More specifically, the installations will take place in Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kenya. In total, 17 SynField devices will be sent, consisting of 10 SynField X5 head nodes, 5 SynAir devices for measuring the air quality characteristics, and 2 SynWater devices for water quality measurements.

A variety of sensors, such as weather stations, solar radiation sensors, soil humidity and soil electrical conductivity sensors, will be connected to the SynField head nodes. Thus, SynField will be able to monitor and record the environmental and soil conditions prevailing in the selected areas.

The SynWater devices are equipped with sensors to accurately measure temperature, pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen (DO), and electrical conductivity (EC). The SynAir devices are equipped with sensors that allow the measurement of temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, ammonia (NH3), particulate matter (PM), and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The data collected by the sensors of the devices are periodically transmitted to the SynField online platform, where the administrator can access them at any time, from anywhere. Simultaneously, through the SynField platform, the user can receive notifications to stay informed about critical events. SynField provides integrated solutions, with innovative products and services, that meet the modern needs of agriculture, aquaculture, and animal husbandry.

SynField Head Nodes , SynAir and SynWater devices

SynField X5 Head Node and SynWater device
SynField X5 Head Node and SynAir device