SynField Solution has been hosted at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Universal IoT booth, covering the Precision Agriculture domain, during the HPE Discover 2017 event on 28-30 November in Madrid (Spain), the largest HPE Digital Transformation event worldwide.

SynField is the first vendor-independent cloud-based solution in smart irrigation, fully integrated with HPE Universal IoT using the OneM2M standard. The SynField solution combines:

i.    specialized,energy autonomous, hardware monitoring and actuation devices

ii.   flexible in-field configuration (using Android application)

iii.  various types of bidirectional communications (i.e. cellular, Wifi, LoRaWAN) and

iv.  a cloud platform used for monitoring and applying custom and predefined intelligent irrigation  rules

“We are happy and proud of being HPE selected smart irrigation partner” commented Dr. Artemis Voulkidis, Synelixis’ Technical Director.

“We consider HPE collaboration as a strategic movement in the establishment of Synelixis as a global leader in smart irrigation”, said Dr. Theodore Zahariadis, Synelixis’ Chief technical officer. “HPE is a highly respected industry leader with physical presence in 120 countries worldwide. Using HPE’s market expertise is expected to accelerate Synelixis’ market footprint”.