A new flagship SynField installation that remotely controls an 80 cubic meter/hour drilling well and monitors/controls a smart irrigation network of 14 Hydraulic Control Valves took place last Thursday, 27/05/2021.

The installation is located at Katouna, a location near Amfilochia, Εtoloakarnania (Greece). It features a pair of SynField X3 nodes and is able to either manually or based on SynField cloud platform’s custom/personalized rules to remotely control the irrigation drilling well, which delivers approximately 80 cubic meter/hour and irrigates an area with corn/grain of 260 acres. In parallel, the installation monitors the pressure in the irrigation network and keeps it below 8 bar to avoid any damage.

By utilizing an external 24 VDC transformer and a pair of SynRelays, a new SynField Expansion Card that is able of driving up to 8 solid-state relays, the installation controls 12 (will be expanded to 14 soon) high-performance Hydraulic Control Valves with solenoid control and diameter of 4 inches each.

Last but not least, the installation monitors and logs at the cloud the field environmental conditions, using a meteorological station that measures humidity, air temperature, wind direction, intensity and rainfall.