The installation of a new SynField system in an olive grove at Pigaidakia in the prefecture of Heraklion has been completed.

The installation consists of a meteorological station - which records the climatic conditions of temperature and relative humidity, wind speed and direction, real-time rainfall - a flowmeter and a pressure sensor. These sensors are connected to the central SynField X3 node, which then sends the measurements to the SynField web platform.

The producer has installed a total of three systems of SynField smart agriculture and irrigation management in different fields with olive trees in Pigaidakia, including meteorological stations, pressure sensors, flow meters, solenoid valves and a self-contained water tank, achieving remote monitoring of the conditions prevailing in the fields and their automated irrigation.

The fields are located close to each other and are irrigated by a single irrigation network. Through the SynField platform and the corresponding SynField application for android / iOS devices, the producer manages the irrigation on his farms remotely, while monitoring the pressure and the flow in the network. Specifically, pressure and flow sensors have been installed both in the pipeline that supplies the water tank as well as in the pipeline that carries the irrigated water to the fields. Thanks to SynField the producer can irrigate the olives in each field in a fully automated way and remotely by activating / deactivating the solenoid valves placed in each one, while monitoring the fluctuation of pressure and flow in the irrigation network.

Mr. Aristides, the producer, told us:

“I am very happy because with the use of the integrated solution of SynField smart agriculture I can irrigate my fields remotely in an automated way achieving a reduction in the amount of water I consume, a reduction in travel costs and while also saving time”.