The SynPump device has been upgraded and equipped with RFID technology. SynPump is Synelixis’ innovative solution, coming as an extension to SynField, for the management and automated control of a shared water drilling site. The SynPump can be easily installed on the drilling site enabling monitoring and control of the shared pumping station, while also providing irrigation planning and timing among the beneficiaries. The system administrator can specify for each user if they have the right to start the pump as well as their use time plan.  The device is interconnected with the SynField platform (ecosystem) which provides remote monitoring and remote automation control.

Automated control of the shared pumping station on-site or remotely.

SynPump enables the automated control of the water from a shared borehole on-site or remotely. The device has been upgraded and equipped with RFID technology. The conventional start and stop buttons of the previous version of SynPump, have been replaced with RFID tags. This technology allows the user to start the pump locally using a personal RFID card. The system has improved in usability and security at the same time because only an authorized user with a personal RFID card is allowed to start the pump. The user can also operate the pump remotely through the user friendly SynField Water Management mobile application. Thus, the beneficiaries can start or stop the pump, with the touch of a button, through a computer or a mobile device, wherever they are.

The SynField precision agriculture system is consistently enhancing its capabilities, with a focus on delivering innovative products and services in the smart agriculture domain. Learn more about the SynPump automated water drill control system here.

Control of a pumping station from a mobile phone