Mini network of SynField X1 nodes to maximize the quality of table grapes, while saving 30% of the irrigation water.
A new SynField installation at Dexameni (Ktiato, Greece) for early prediction of vineyard deseases.
According to agronomic studies the use of systems of samrt agriculture can help not only save water but also to increase yield as it can reduce up to 40% of waste from overflow.
A new SynField installation at Vagies (Chora Messinias, Greece) to provide advise on olive trees irrigation.
From 9 to 12 of May, SynField was at AgroExpo 2019 in Ierapetra, Crete. We...
Synelixis has upgraded the SynField installation at location "Sxinos" of Chora Messinias (Greece).
A new SynField installation on vineyards in Nemea (Greece) was successfully completed by Synelixis’ business...
SynField is presented in the running issue (June 2018) of the Greek magazine ΑΓΡΟΤΗΣ.NEWS. 
Synelixis Solutions has released a first video tour of our SynField web platform.