SynAir is Synelixis’ innovative solution, coming as an extension to SynField, which can detect and measure air quality characteristics. SynAir provides remote monitoring and control of the air quality characteristics, which makes it an ideal solution for smart cities, precision agriculture and smart farming.

The upgraded SynAir supports all the necessary sensors to calculate the Air Quality Index (AQI), according to the European and U.S. standards. There are three SynAir versions (basic, City, City+) that accommodate different sensors allowing for high accuracy measurements of air quality characteristics (such as temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, suspended particles, volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO) etc). In addition, these versions of the new SynAir can be further configured to measure additional gas/parameters. Furthermore, the SynAir’s ultra-rugged construction supports an enclosure fan and high flow vents for better air circulation and increased measurement accuracy.

The measurements of air quality characteristics are sent from the SynAir device to the SynField platform. Through the SynField platform the user can access the data 24/7 and set alerts to be notified in case any of the criteria they set are met. 

Learn more about SynAir and the available SynAir versions here.

The new SynAir device